outsourceSo I have been taking the help of other freelance writers to manage by workload because I don’t want to be working all the time.  This is also one of the reasons I have started a freelance writing business solutions service rather than working under an ‘individual’ name.  I want my clients to also be aware of this fact.

Problem with outsourcing

When I take on a contractor I give them explicit instructions on what needs to be done.  But the thing is when I get the final output from the contractor, I end by doing quite a few revisions to make the piece sound more in line with the style my business is known for. So in effect, the time I spend editing the piece and the net earnings from it ( because part of the commission goes to the contractor) for the number of hours I put in editing the article, are the same if I had written the whole piece myself, taken more hours and kept the entire commission for the task.

I also share editing feedback with the contractor so that there is an understanding what is expected and at the same time am appreciative of the work they have put in ( like a good manager!).

While I believe that outsourcing helps me broaden my client base and diversify my portfolio given my limited amount of time, I was wondering if there was a better way to align my contractors.  Or editing is something that cannot be done away with because we all have our own style of presenting information? (Incidentally, my business develops mostly web content – business blogs, news articles and other research based information.)

Hoping to get some useful tips from generous fellow bloggers!