As freelance writers we love to be in the midst of a writing storm , typified by us firing away on the keyboard. Having little time for ourselves as we juggle multiple assignments, is for many of us a ‘ successful day’ ( of course that is contrary to the perception of the outside world of how we usually spend our days)!

And then one fine day – silence!

Suddenly you find that the projects on hand have been completed; your regular client sends you an email saying that it will be a few days before the next assignment comes your way and despite having pitched for a dozen new assignments, nothing has materialized.

So it’s the middle of the week and you have no paid-work to do; the worst kind of feeling for a freelance writer.

Making the best of your idle time

Even as you somewhat panic,  start following up with old clients and check your mail incessantly, here’s the good news – you now have time to go beyond the mundane, take a break and utilize your time doing other equally enjoyable/ rewarding things. 

Here’s what I recommend doing on your unplanned ‘time-off’.

Network more

  • Read and comment on other blogs
  • Make a list of potential posts for your blog and get writing
  • Participate in discussions on LinkedIn writer groups
  • Meet-up other writer buddies
  • Send emails to old clients

Improve your professional quotient

  • Find new avenues to market your skills
  • Make a list of things you want to learn / read to improve your skills

Communicate more

  • Call your parents / in-laws / aunt or uncle
  • Take a friend out for a movie
  • Write a love letter ( instead of an email or a text)

Enjoy the simple pleasures

  • Go for a drive
  • Eat your favorite ice-cream
  • Listen to some old music
  • Bake your favorite pudding

Take care of yourself

  • Exercise more
  • Make that overdue trip to the salon
  • Make the lingering doctor’s appointment

Most of all , I recommend you listen to this Bobby Mcferrin song every day till you get hit by another storm of assignments!

Don’t worry, be happy ! Ohhhh huuuu huuu hoooo!