The global sentiment on employment opportunities remains pessimistic with 57% of adults worldwide saying it is a bad time to find a job.

Job prospectKey highlights:

  • Europeans are feeling the most negative with 75% saying it is a bad time to find a job. More than 90% of Greek, Italians and Spaniards are saying that the job market is bad.
  • The U.S is more of a mixed bag with 40% saying it is a good time to find a new job and 54% saying it isn’t.
  • Rise in oil prices means that sentiments in countries like Saudi Arabia and other energy-rich countries such as Kuwait, Qatar, Venezuela is looking up.

Read the full article here – Economic Times

Implications for you and me:  I was speaking to a school friend of mine in Canada whose husband is a senior player in an IT company. She said that her husband’s company was seeing major layoffs and that he had been lucky to survive yet another cut in jobs.

Here’s what all this means to you and me

  • More people are likely to turn to freelancing as an additional source of income.
  • If you are a freelance writer that is not getting too many job offers, then maybe its time to revisit your rates because most businesses simply don’t have the same budgets.
  • If you are an employed person, consider yourself lucky and put in that extra effort to shine at what you do. And get over the paltry pay rises, things could be a lot worse!

Again since this is my blog, the opinions expressed are entirely mine.  You are welcome to express yours in the comments below.