Can you believe that we are midway into 2013 already? Personally  speaking it has so far been a hallmark year. Having overcome two major illnesses in the family, I certainly have a lot to be grateful for. 

Had I continued working my banking job, now is the time when we’d be engaging in mid-year reviews with our immediate bosses.  Taking cue from that I decided its time to chart out the hits and misses towards achieving the goals I had in mind when I became a full-time freelance writer earlier this year.

Here is an honest 360 degree assessment of my performance versus my goals.

My Hits  mid year review

  1. Started my full-time freelancing writing career . The trials and tribulations are here for all to see through my many posts, but at the end of the day I still feel motivated to keep going.  Stress has been replaced by challenges of finding continuous stream of work. But that can only be a good thing in my book!
  2. Started my blog at the end of last year. Completely clueless to begin with, I kept the blog private for the first few months before making it public in April .  I can truly say that writing my blog and reading posts of other bloggers has been an enriching experience in every sense of the word. Also a big thanks to Nicole ( who took the time to share a few tips with a nascent blogger.
  3. Registered the domain name for my writing venture to give my business an online identity.
  4. Started a Facebook page to share my progress with friends, most of whom are either  too busy or too lazy to actually view my blog directly
  5. Got my visiting cards printed mostly to help me answer questions from acquaintances, family and friends on what is it exactly that I do.
  6. Developed content for Freelance Learner’s Program – A step by step guideline of how to venture into the world of freelance writing.
  7. Learned to market my skills using Facebook, WordPress and LinkedIn. Even tried print advertising. Created my own adverts.
  8. Got back to focussing on my fitness with regular workouts. Keeping in mind the health risks of freelancing, this was something that I paid particular attention to.

My Misses: Not surprisingly, these are mostly personal!

  1. I haven’t done as much cooking and baking as I would have liked to.
  2. I haven’t taken up any charity work. Contributing money is one part, but actually taking the time out to be somewhere to help others is something that I had planned but not initiated.
  3. To be very honest I have been dodging a precautionary medical check-up and I’m not sure if this item will get ticked off the list even at the end of the year.

I love this line from a Robert De Niro movie – Be careful what you ask for cookie, cause you just might get it!  When I moved from a steady job to a freelance career, more than anything I was moving away from predictability. And there’s no two ways about it, I got more than the expected dose of ‘uncertainties’. But each day has been better than the previous, giving me new insight on how to handle my work better. I simply love the challenge of bagging a new client and completing an assignment successfully. It keeps my brain cells merrily ticking!

checklistI urge you to jot down your hits and misses as well. Why wait another new year’s eve to realize that most of your important goals still stand un-actioned. Jot down your major goals for the next 6 months, be they professional or personally. I’d recommend a combination of both.

Here’s hoping that the second half of the year is even more successful than the first.

Happy second half 2013 folks!