Online tools for freelance writersThere are innumerable online tools for freelance writers; these online writing tools make your work look professional, help you collaborate with clients, and make it easier to get the job done. In fact every writer that you talk to has their favorite online tools. Here are 20 online tools that I regularly use for my writing business.

Online Tools to Improve Writing

  • Copyscape – Check for plagiarism
  • Writebox – Use this distraction free text editor to type your words and sentences as they occur, without bothering about spelling or grammar. It helped improve my speed of writing.
  • Dictionary. com – Thesaurus and American English dictionary
  • Oxford dictionary – British English dictionary
  • Brochure writing template – While this is not a tool, the article shows how to use MSWord to format content for a marketing brochure.
  • Keyword analysis – Measure the keyword density of your article to meet client specification
  • Grammarly – Use this automated proofreader to correct grammatical errors in your document. The yearly plan costs $140, while the monthly plan is for $30. They offer a free trial for a few days.

Online Tools to Improve Content

  • and Wikimedia Commons – Royalty free photos that can be used with credit
  • Bitly – Truncate lengthy url’s
  • Canva – Design graphics for social media, blogs and presentations
  • Info.gram – Design infographics
  • Picmonkey –  Edit photos; crop images, add text, change texture
  • Google Alerts – Track trending blog topics for your clients by creating alerts
  • Nitro cloud – Convert your documents to PDF and presentation format

Other Online Tools to Improve Your Everyday Work

  • Google+ – Create Google+ authorship profile to claim your online content
  • Dropbox – Cloud storage service for file sharing and storage. Recommend friends and sync your mobile devices with Dropbox to get free additional storage.
  • PayPal – Make and receive online payments
  • Vistaprint – Order your business cards, labels, and stationery
  • HelloSign – Send signed documents without having to print, sign and scan
  • Rapportive – View social media profiles of your Gmail contact before you message

What are your favorite online tools for work?