A time for reflection as another year draws to a close, and a time for planning as we enter the New Year. It’s been a difficult time for people everywhere, with violence and extremism dominating the headlines, the most recent being the massacre of young lives in neighboring Pakistan.  In a world marred by cruelty, it would seem that those of us leading normal lives, with the opportunity of steady source of income, a stable home, and the love of family and friends, are the truly blessed ones.

As online dictionaries and news websites declare their choices for the ‘word of the year’, I recommend we unanimously vote for the word ‘Grateful’.  Here is my prayer of gratitude for the holiday season.

Christmas PrayerI am Grateful

For the love of my partner

For my family, which sailed through troubled waters

For the life within

For the children that became good friends

For the pleasure of good food, music and dance

For the street dog who wags his tail and smiles each time he sees me

For the opportunity to reconnect with old friends

For the freedom to do what I want, when I want

For the ability to think with clarity

For the work and trust of my clients

For being able to ‘look forward’ to 2015 with renewed hope and love

Do you feel grateful as you reflect on the year gone by? Why not jot down your own prayer of gratitude for all that is still good and nurturing in your life? Don’t stop there. Share your prayer to spread the message of happiness and peace.

Rhea Gaur - I am Grateful