Introducing the video series based on my eBook – Guide to Becoming a Freelance Writer


Guide to Becoming a Freelance Writer
Guide to Becoming a Freelance Writer

Those of you kind enough to follow my blog, must be wondering what’s with the silence? After all, there have been no blog posts updated here since the last one month. While I have been taking time off ( it’s the dreaded summer in India), I am happy to say that I haven’t been totally unproductive.

With the help of my nieces who were visiting from out-of-town, I have launched my YouTube Channel. It’s called – Ladybirdink Freelance Writer. So far I have updated five videos here, including an introductory presentation on the contents of my eBook.

The videos uploaded are:

  1. Using Freelancing Websites to Become a Freelance Writer 
  2. Freelance Writing as a Work from Home Option 
  3. Tips on Writing Content for the Web 
  4. Starting on Freelancing Websites – Two Easy Steps 
  5. Tips on Winning Projects on Freelancing Websites

If you like my tips on working as a freelance writer through content writing portals, then you may want to check out my eBook available on Amazon. It has loads of other tips on getting started, working with clients, safeguarding your interests, and ensuring that you get paid for your writing.

Also, watch out for the eBook countdown deal later this month where you can buy it at a discounted price. Read the eBook for FREE if you are a member of Amazon KDP Select.

So let me know what you think about the videos and the eBook, and I promise to be more regular with my blog.