A Facebook business page is an excellent way to reach your existing and potential customers. You can share updates, sell products, and engage with people interested in your brand. If you are just starting out, here are a few tips on creating your Facebook Business Page.

Facebook is for every type of consumer business, regardless of your size and the product/ service you are selling. Business-to-business brands ( B2B) use Facebook as well, but probably not to the same effect as a business that is selling directly to the consumer.

Some Facebook pages seem to catch on like wildfire, especially ones that relate to popular topics like parenting, motherhood, baking and  DIY creative ideas. That’s because almost everyone is a parent at some stage in their life, and most of us want to learn new ways to cook food quickly.

If your product/ service does not fall in one of these traditional categories, don’t worry. Your Facebook page can still attract the intended audience.

When I started my Facebook page, I did not have a strategy. And I still don’t make a concerted effort to increase the number of followers. But if I have certainly learnt over the last one year, what works and what does not while maintaining a Facebook business page.

So here are my basic tips on creating your Facebook Business Page (FBP).


1. Personalise your profile picture:  For a long time, I used my business logo as the profile picture on my FBP. Then one day, I took a still from a YouTube video I had created and posted that as the profile pic and voila!  All of a sudden, I saw a surge in the number of people outside my social network who became followers.

2. Hire someone to create a Facebook cover photo: The Facebook cover photo for a business page should look professional. You could try creating one with the help of free cover- image creation sites such as Canva, but I think it’s a much better idea to hire a graphic designer on Fiverr or on Upwork to create a few images that are the right resolution and format for Facebook.

3. Post and schedule updates before you invite people to like your page: I have seen friends start their FBP and immediately invite people within their network to like the page. Stop! Even though I am a friend, I will choose what information I want to be fed. So if I don’t see a clear ‘About Us’ description or a few Facebook posts to get an idea about the type of content you will be sharing, I am not going to like that page. Also, to ensure that you keep the momentum going, schedule posts on FB. You can choose the date and time of publishing.

4. Add an action button:   The action button is one of the business promotion tools available on your FBP. You could encourage users to ‘visit your website, watch a video, shop now, call now, contact us, play a game, sign up, request an appointment, or send an email.’

5. Videos perform better than text posts:  Create a few videos about your business, on information that’s of interest your 1, or your promotional offers. In my experience, video posts perform far better than text posts when you want to share something important with your followers.

6. Customise and personalise posts: Your FBP page is about you, but the content has to be tailored to the viewing interests of your target audience.  So don’t feed them content only because you liked reading or watching something. Personalise your posts to the extent possible to make your followers feel that it’s an individual ( with a personality) who is creating the posts and whom they can relate to that’s creating the post, and not someone sitting behind a business desk.

Your popular posts can also be converted to Facebook Ads. You get to choose how many days you want to run the campaign and how much money you want to spend. The exciting part here is that you get to test the demographics of the people you think may be interested in your content. Facebook gives your options of city, age, postcode, interests and gender to target ads.

Have you created your Facebook Business Page yet? If not, you could be missing out . Contact me for a free consult on your Facebook Business Page.