Hail coronavirus! This invisible ( to the naked eye) organism has brought everything and everyone to a grinding halt. I feel sorry for the millions of people who rely on industries such as tourism, travel, entertainment, food and beverage, retail, and construction, and for the thousands who have lost their loved ones to this illness.

On the positive side, planet Earth gets a much-deserved breather from the supremely polluting humans and their excessive lifestyle choices. More people die each year ( an estimated 7 million) across the globe from pollution-related diseases, but no one’s really bothered about those numbers.

Much has been said about the need of the hour, which is self-imposed social distancing, for slowing down the spread of the coronavirus so that healthcare systems can cope with the influx of coronavirus cases. A popular note circulating on the internet is this, “Our forefathers were called to war, we are being told to sit at home – Is that so much to ask?”

Yet, despite this simple step that we need to all take, many are flouting the health warnings. Case in point – this picture circulating on the internet of thousands of people on a beach in Florida.  Some people really are that dumb and irresponsible!

People ignoring social distancing warnings

On the other hand, Justin Bieber, since being married, seems to be a far more law-abiding citizen. He posted this picture of himself and his quarantine partner. Aint’ that cute!


For many people, it’s a chance to work from home. Now those of you who belong to that category must be relishing the extra-time you have every day – the time you save not dressing up, not commuting, not taking unnecessary phone calls and not attending endless meetings. To those I say, enjoy the joy of working from home, but ensure that you don’t slack on the job. Cause believe me it is so easy to screw up your time-management when you are working in a casual space.

The days and months ahead are riddled with uncertainty. Will the heat of summer curb corona? Will a cure be found for coronavirus? Is the coronavirus a sign of times to come for humanity? The more you see your phone, laptop, and social media, the more you are bombarded with information about this disease sending the world in disorder.

We must exercise the precautions that have been prescribed, which include washing hands regularly, avoiding touching our face, and staying away from public spaces unless absolutely necessary.

However, let’s not only think, read, or talk about the coronavirus.

Let’s focus on getting as much as done as possible from home. Let’s try to maintain a healthy routine. Let’s thank God that we are safe. Let’s pray that our loved ones stay safe. Let’s pray that the world health industry wins its battle over the coronavirus sooner than later.

By the way, the number of times I have heard people say ‘corona’ reminded me of this fun song called ‘My Sharona’ by ‘The Knack’.  I hope you enjoy this one.


Let’s enjoy the time we have, now!