Are you in the process of hiring a content writer for your business? Here are 8 tips for making it a successful experience.

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Hope you found the podcast helpful. Here's a PICTORIAL summary of the 8 tips to hire a business content writer.
Q1: Does the content writer have a professional website?
Q2: How quickly does the content writer respond to your email of interest?
Q3: Is the content writer asking the right questions about the project?
Q4: Does the writer have experience in the required writing style?
Q5: Do you have specific writing instructions for the writer?
Q6: Is the content writer clear in communicating the cost?
Q7: Is the content writer willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement?
Q 8: Are you happy with the first article submitted by the content writer? Is it free of plagiarism and written as per your instructions?

As with any quality service, remember that you get what you pay for. A quality writer will always demand a premium fee and if you want reliable content, you must be willing to pay the right price.

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