Freelance Learner’s Program®

Are you looking to work from home?

Would you like to make a career out of internet writing?

Introducing the – Freelance Learner’s Program®

The only training program for Indian Freelance writers that teaches how to find freelance writing work on the internet.

Learn how to successfully write articles for the internet, create an online contractor profile and bid for jobs with international and domestic clients.

Find out more NOW!

Read the Freelance Learner’s Program Program Details and  FAQ section!


Contact me  for more information on becoming a freelance writer.

Program Details

Welcome to Freelance Learner’s Program®  Freelance Learner’s Program® (FLP) is a step-by-step program to equip you with the skills needed for writing for the web and to get you started with live paying projects. From learning how to write web content to finding paying clients, this program will teach you the ropes! FLP is divided into … Continue reading Program Details


1.  Who can enroll for the Freelance Learner’s Program®? FLP is open to all; whether you are 22 or 62, a former professional or a homemaker, as long as you have a flair for writing and want to make a career out of it, then we can help you. This program is ideal for people … Continue reading FAQ’s

Free Assessment Form

Help Me Know You Better!  If you are interested in enrolling for FLP, then as a first step please fill out the form below. I will call you within 24 hours of receiving this information, for a pre-course discussion. Thank You!

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