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Content Planning & Creation

Today marketing wars are fought in the online space through content that speaks to your target audience and builds trust. Regardless of the size, nature, and location of your venture, you need a formidable ONLINE BUSINESS PRESENCE to grow.

A content management partner who understands your business is crucial for creating eye-catching content that will deliver results.7

CONTENT PLANNING  – We are not just another run-of-the-mill content writing service. Before begin creating content, it’s imperative that we understand you, your customer, and your competition. We want to know all there is to know about your existing content strategy. Talk to us in confidence so we can deliver the results you seek.

Our 3-Step Content Planning Approach

Once we know who you are as a business and what you need, we get to planning the following-

  • What should be the tone of content – friendly, formal, conversational?
  • What types of content should you produce – blogs, newsletters, business brochures?
  • Do you need to improve the content on your website?
  • How do we improve ease of understanding of content – relevant images, long-form versus short-form content, multi-media?
  • Which social media platforms should you use?

CONTENT CREATION  –  If content planning is the roadmap, then content creation is the vehicle to reach your destination of business growth. Here are the critical components of our high-performing content creation machinery.


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