Portfolio of Articles

portfolioI specialize in writing B2B, personal finance, lifestyle, childcare, and women’s health content, and have written on numerous topics, including the following –

  • Small Business (SMB & SME)
  • Software & Technology
  • Mobile Applications
  • Financial Services
  • Real Estate
  • Human Resources
  • Business Analytics
  • Women’s Health
  • Self Improvement
  • Drug Addiction & Alcoholism
  • Home Improvement
  • Events Planning
  • Nanny Service and Daycare
  • Children’s Party Planning
  • Internet Marketing
  • Network Marketing
  • Medical Billing
  • Education
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Non-profit work

Here are links to some of the content written with author credit. However, the bulk of the work I do comes under the purview of ‘ghostwriting’, which means that I cannot post the information here. Relevant work samples can be provided when we communicate further.


7 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Every Business Should Avoid

3 Simple Ways to Use Social Media to Engage Your Customers

Why Responding to Social Media Comments is so Important


4 Steps to Effective Task Delegation to Help Grow Your Small Business

4 Reasons Every Small Business Should Start a Blog

Benefits of a Document Scanner for a Paper-Intensive Business

10 Ways to Write Better Business SOP’s


Franchise Software – What every franchise consultant needs to know

Franchise software – building brands


Children’s party planning company, Canada

Software company, UK

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