Launching Soon – eBook “How to Choose a Home Business Idea and Become a Homepreneur. Plus 50 Home Business Ideas”

I transitioned to freelance writing after working in the banking industry for fourteen years. The decision to change tracks was both professionally and personally motivated, but it is one that I have rarely regretted. I shared my experience of starting as a freelancer in my first eBook called ‘Guide to Becoming a Freelance Writer – How to Use Freelancing Websites to Source Jobs and Make Money from Home, which was published on Amazon Kindle in April 2016.

Being a freelancer has taught me so much about managing a business, cause that’s how you have to view any money-making venture. In my case, the key decisions to be made were deciding what type of content writing I was good at, which clients I should work with and where do I find them, how much to charge for my writing services, and which online channels I could use to promote myself.

In addition, over the last six years, I have read and written loads of content on starting a business, the challenges of being a business owner, and the technologies available to manage and promote a business. A couple of friends have also sought my guidance on freelancing and starting their business.

Second ebookMy experience as a former corporate employee,  business writer, and an adviser to friends, led me to write my second eBook. The eBook is tentatively titled,  ‘How to Choose a Home Business Idea and Become a Homepreneur. Plus 50 Home Business Ideas’ and should be available on Amazon Kindle within the month.

What’s the eBook About?

Most of us would love to give up the drudgery of a job and become a home business owner. But the transition from employment to becoming a homepreneur, as you probably already realize, is not an easy one.

For many aspiring home business entrepreneur or homepreneurs, the biggest roadblock is their inability to decide which business venture to pursue. After all, potential business ideas are a dime to a dozen.

You will find loads of business ideas on the internet. You could draw inspiration from your personal interests or professional experience. Perhaps you have learned of a business opportunity from a friend. A personal problem that you faced, may offer insight into the idea for a new business.

But which home business idea is right for you?

And once you decide the business idea, how do you make a start?

img_1648.jpgIf you too are grappling to find answers to these questions, then my second eBook is just what you need. ‘How to Choose a Home Business Idea and Become a Homepreneur’ has been written specifically to help you choose a home business idea and take the first steps towards actualizing your home business idea.

The eBook will give you food for thought on how you need to think strategically about every aspect of your home business. It will help you –

  • Assess whether you are ready to become a home business owner.
  • Understand the advantages of home business ownership.
  • Understand how to overcome the disadvantages of managing a home business.
  • Evaluate which home business idea works best for you.
  • Create a workable business plan to get started.
  • Understand what it takes to succeed as a home-business owner.

As a homepreneur, you are about to embark on one of the more rewarding phases of your life. Not having a boss to answer to, the joy of making all the decisions and growing your business from scratch, and the possibility of becoming an employment generator, the path to becoming a home business owner is certainly exciting.

A home business may be a small-sized venture, but starting it will require all the time, energy, positive attitude, resources, and creativity you can muster. As an entrepreneur, the stakes are always high, especially if you are the primary bread- earner of the family, or if you plan to dig into your savings to fund the business.

The transition to becoming a homepreneur must, therefore, be made with a clear understanding of what your business stands for, who are your customers, how will you sell, and how will you ultimately build a sustainable business.

The eBook is about 10500 words spread over eight chapters. Good friend Hazel Kamath @ TangleWithHazel has graciously agreed to provide doodles for the eBook. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the images.





Are You Ready to be an Entrepreneur?

Almost everyone who works a job, dreams of doing their own thing at some point of time. Some of the entrepreneurial ideas shared by my friends have included a garments business, a consultancy, a play school and a holiday resort.

In at least half the cases, the entrepreneurial dream is one that is unrelated to the present line of work. So is the desire to be entrepreneur fueled by an escape from present circumstances rather than true entrepreneurial spirit?

The idea of being your own boss can be alluring, especially when one is stuck in a 9 to 9 routine with constant pressures of meeting targets. You think, “I would be okay making less money, but at least I will do what I want and not be answerable to anybody. In a couple of years I’ll even manage to make a decent living”.

Being a freelance writer I can draw many parallels to what ‘starting your own thing’ entails.  I want to share some of these realities –

Evaluate if you are truly up to the challenge of being an entrepreneur.

Evaluate if you are truly up to the challenge of being an entrepreneur.

You need to take care of everything. You are the strategist, salesperson, marketer, social media specialist, customer service and operations specialist. You have to know it all and think it all through. With power of being your own boss comes a lot of added responsibility.

You will be continually seeking new ways for finding clients, bringing in more work. You will be lucky if your conversion rates all leads contacted is more than 8%-10%. As frustrating as the experience may be, its addictive as you wait for the message confirming that you’ve bagged the next big project.

“By seeing the seed of failure in every success, we remain humble. By seeing the seed of success in every failure we remain hopeful.” – Paul J Meyer.

Forget weekends.  Saturday and Sunday are no longer sanctimonious. Some days of no work will be followed by days with more work than you can possibly handle. So you work when you have work.

Yes there is greater flexibility for fulfilling personal commitments, but time is as scarce as ever. I think this is one of the biggest myths of all. When you are multitasking for better part of your work day, time just flies.  And even if you are able to take time off during the week to visit a friend or go shopping, you end up working over the weekend to meet deadlines. Ticktock, ticktock – you are constantly cross-checking your planner for delivery schedules, making sure you stay on track.

Forget the comfort of a healthy bank balance at the end of each month a.ka the salary. While this is an obvious one, it doesn’t really hit you till you take a holiday and you realize if you aren’t working, you aren’t earning; something which you take for granted as an employee. Of course depending on your line of business, this may not be applicable, but you are never far from the risk of being dangerously low on bank balances.

So what does it take to be an entrepreneur? Listen to what these business greats have to say.

Know that it’s a rope walk between success and failure, but each failure will teach you something about your business – Richard Branson

Have passion for what you do or else the tough times are going to be impossible to survive – Steve Jobs

Quitting the comfort of a well-paying job to start your own venture is fraught with uncertainties. Circumstances may hold you back from taking that leap of faith.

Ultimately if you have been bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, it’s a personal decision that must be taken. After all, one-size doesn’t fit all.

So explore and choose wisely.